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Fellow Wisconsinite! Go find your nearest farmer's market! We grow kohlrabi here, and it's in season right now. I just bought a big bunch of them for $2 from some nice Hmong folks. Organic even!


Yes! Yes yes yes! I have been desperately trying to figure out what the heck to do with this odd vegetable I received in my CSA this week. This is it! I love and adore french fries, but I always feel so guilty eating so many potatoes when there are so many other root-type veggies out there...I will be making these this weekend, along with the ketchup.
Thanks so much for the idea!


Just made the plain version for dinner. I liked them, but even after 40 minutes some of the chips were not fully cooked. That said, this would have to be my favourite way to eat kohlrabi now.

Lynne Childress

I am so doing this tonight. Had no idea what to do with kohlrabi!! This looks delicious .

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